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Meme Maker | FAQ


What is an internet Meme Image?

A meme is an image that has become a popular template for quotes and funny phrases. Memes often follow a trend or theme.

Where Did Meme Images Come From?

Memes originated from various internet image boards and forums. Early memes were not the typical memes we see online today. A meme originally was an image or video that has been created by someone but then reused by someone else and redesigned in a different way. Often, these image trends went viral and were redesigned by hundreds of people all trying to make the best one. Where as this still applies, people nowadays generally think of images with a short caption when the word meme is said.

Memes have evolved a lot since the earliest days. Often on forums and image boards it was a popular topic to submit an image for people to manipulate in humorous ways. The image would be submitted at the top of the page and then people would change it and repost their modified version in the hope theirs would be best. Some people hypothesise that this was the place that the trend of memes originated from. Regardless of the place the first memes were created there is one thing that is for sure: Memes are here to stay and will continue to entertain us all for many years to come.

How Do I Make My Own Meme Image?

Easy use our MEME MAKER to create new meme images.

Can I upload an image?

Yes, no problem, do it now! However, please refrain from posting lewd or innapropriate content. Adult content or images intended to hurt other individuals will be deleted.